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           GymCare Nursery School

 A traditional nursery school plus gymnastics!

Tell Me & I Forget

Teach Me & I Remember

Involve Me & I Learn

                                            By Benjamin Franklin

Where PreSchoolers Learn By Doing!

     PreSchoolers learn by doing.  What they see is that they built a block tower that touches the sky.  But, they are learning so much more.  They are

     learning to add: by adding one block on top of the another increases the total.  They are also learning about gravity and balance.  These are just a few

     of the many valuable lessons that your children learn at GymCare Nursery School.


At GymCare Nursery School our philosophy is simple:  Children learn by DOING - so we give them the tools to do just that!


    PreSchoolers are naturally curious.  They want to create, solve, discover, build and imagine.  We provide the children in all of our classrooms with age-

    appropriate activities, equipment and learning centers that inspire personal, as well as academic growth and development.  As a result, ABC's,

    numbers, shapes, colors and other things you'd expect from a traditional nursery school curriculum aren't the only things our PreSchoolers are

    exposed to.  Children also get the opportunity to socialize, to practice sharing and cooperation and to develop a positive self image.


   Our exceptional, "hands-on" program includes:



      Painting & Art Centers

      Sensory Tables

​    -   Writing Centers

    -   Dramatic Play & Block Centers

    -   Music Instruction

    -   Cooking 

    -   Science Experiments

    -   Circle/Story Time

    -   And of course Preschool Gymnastics!








   Every day, all nursery school children enjoy a 1/2 hour of gymnastics instruction.  Children are fully supervised and taught by experienced, USA

   Gymnastics safety-certified instructors in our state-of-the-art, padded and carpeted facility.  The gymnastics program provides an excellent opportunity

   for children to develop their gross motor skills and body awareness, while they become familiar with this exciting sport.  As they move from station to

   station, children experience everything from obstacle courses to jumping on a trampoline - having fun every step, leap and hop along the way.




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