American Gymnastics Team Program

American Gymnastics Team Program Philosophy...

The American Gymnastics Team Program promotes self-esteem, teamwork, organizational skills, self-expression and personal growth as a gymnast, citizen and life-long learners.


About The American Gymnastics Team...

Each gymnast is encouraged to work diligently at her own pace with proper spotting and support from the coaching staff. Team members are encouraged to compete at a meet when they feel confident and ready to perform their routines.  In order to compete, gymnasts must join USA gymnastics and pay their yearly dues.   


The Team program requires a dedicated gymnast with a supportive parent network at home.  Children are asked to join the Team program on the basis of many factors which are skill achievement (what she can do now), ability to concentrate (can she pay attention and follow directions), interest and desire (does she love it, is she “into it”, does she want “more”).


Girls enter the Team through the AllStars or Pre-Team programs.  Selections are made based on age, ability and desire to increase their gymnastics potential.

Meet Our Coaches

The American Gymnastics coaches are all highly qualified former gymnasts who take teaching seriously and aim to inspire and motivate their students. 


Russell comes with 16 years of experience coaching women's USAG levels 3-10.  He is an exceptional communicator with the ability to collaborate with diverse teams to ensure a seamless line of communication and overall success. Russell is detailed oriented, technique driven with strong spotting skills.

Velin has been part of American Gymnastics since 1991.  He was formerly a gymnast from his native country Bulgaria.  He also performed as an acrobat in the circus.  He also teaches pre-school and after school classes.

If you would like more information about the American Gymnastics Team Program, please feel free to call us at 914-241-1997.