Meet the American Gymnastics Staff


Team Coaches



Russell comes with 16 years of experience coaching women's USAG levels 3-10.  He is an exceptional communicator with the ability to collaborate with diverse teams to ensure a seamless line of communication and overall success. Russell is detailed oriented, technique driven with strong spotting skills.


Velin has been part of American Gymnastics since 1991.  He was formerly a gymnast from his native country Bulgaria.  He also performed as an acrobat in the circus.  He also teaches pre-school and after school classes.


Allie has been teaching various gymnastics classes at American Gymnastics for over 3 years.  She currently is the Director of our after school programs.

​Mike who is retired has taken a position as bus driver using our American Gymnastics bus for over a year.



Leslie joined the American Gymnastics Tumbling Program 5 years ago.  She is certified, qualified and experienced to run the Tumbling Program.